Bun can only be perceived with senses For the scent will find its way through your brains and sets off your appetite to take a bite



our coffee is a single origin coffee which is grown within a defined country at hight elevations are traceable and processed carefully once harvested every step from growing to brewing is monitored and this is not one the work of one person its occur when all involved in the coffee value chain work


About MAMMA Bunz Caffee

Our story started in 2004 when our passion led us to catch the interest of the seeker for the pleasure of trying the best local pastries flavoured with coffee, to have unforgettable coffee, or to have your favorite drink at your work, school, or home. Our name has changed from “Mama Rotti” to “ Mama Bunz’ in order to serve you with a wide variety of flavours and special toppings that add a unique taste to each Bun you have.

MAMAbunz secrets

There are no words in this world that can explain the secret the Bunz hold. From the first bite, you would feel the world around you becoming sweeter, softer, and your senses will be unleashed, with the smell of coffee and french butter that flies all over the space to let your senses guide you.

Our team

"Be a part of the Bunz team, and make some memories for Bunz lovers.

We serve you in more than 100 branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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